What is Kundalini Yoga?

Have you ever felt burnt out, uninspired and like you’re going through the motions in your daily life? Do you wish to be more creative and live your dream schedule? Do you want to manifest more wealth or an aligned relationship? Do you need healing and feel like you’re talking in circles in therapy?


If so, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful solution, with effects that are immediately felt. Other styles of yoga practice have more of a focus on your physical form and require many years of experience to get the same effect as ONE practice of Kundalini Yoga. This practice awakens and transforms ALL 10 Bodies that you have, which includes the facets of your mind. 


Why wait years and limit yourself when you can live a life of enjoyment, even at work, RIGHT NOW. Sign up for your 7- Day FREE Trial.

Effects of practice:

Kundalini yoga is the fastest, most effective way to feel better, inspired, energized, creative, and deeply fulfilled, even in the mundane moments of your day. The effects of your practice transfer to daily life so that, no matter what life brings, you'll be able to move through it with more grace, clarity, and intention. We're able to heal deeply ingrained patterns, detoxify, balance, and replenish our internal systems, and improve our self-esteem.

What it feels like:

Kundalini yoga moves old, stuck energy and awakens the most creative energy we innately have inside us: kundalini energy. We feel tingly, elation, and revitalized when we’ve raised our kundalini energy and it distributes throughout our body. Often, during meditation, you'll see brilliant revelations and colors. Your practice will help make your mind your best friend, instead of a war zone that keeps you stuck in negativity and old patterns. With this benefit, you'll feel more present, empowered and clear, with a direct experience with your life. It’s as if the lights are turned back on, and new super-human talents emerge along with profound healing on all levels.


Too good to be true?

I thought the same before I started to practice kundalini yoga regularly. As I experienced more of what the practice has to offer and the way it made me feel immediately better, I saw my life transform. I experienced unimaginable shifts and mind blowing manifestation. I am living proof that this technology works. And I deeply care about sharing these practices with you. 

So, what does it look like?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology. It includes a vast collection of practices, or "kriyas", all of which activate an inherent energy inside us so that we are able to express our fullest potential, manifest our desires, feel better, and completely transform our daily experience. We're able to feel fulfilled, centered, and vital, no matter what we are presented with.

There are four elements to the practice of Kundalini Yoga:

  • Pranayama (controlled breath)

  • Yoga Sets (series of physical postures and movements, often paired with breath or mantra)

  • Mantra (sound codes, for deep fulfillment and healing)

  • Meditation (sustained focus in stillness, often with mudras and arm positioning, as well as mantra)


You'll find that there are endless practices to discover and apply to your life! You don't need to practice them all to receive the benefits. In fact, you advance more in your personal transformation if you stick to a few kriyas for an extended period of time. In other words, the more you practice the same thing, the more you'll get out of it. 

My classes are an extension from my own personal practice. I share what has had huge effects in my life and it's a privilege to offer options for you to apply to your own journey. I encourage you to choose a few kriyas that resonate with you and practice them daily as part of your "sadhana" or spiritual input. Quickly, you'll find your life improves on all levels: social, emotional, health, career/prosperity. 


What to expect during class:

  • Opening meditation for grounding

  • Tuning in with the Adi Mantra: "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" & Mangala Charan Mantra (Protection): "Ad Guray Nameh, Jugad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Devay Nameh".

  • Warm-up poses (cat/cow)

  • Yoga Set, Kriya and Meditation

  • Gong Relaxation

  • Closing: Long Time Sun Song and Sat Nam 

What you'll need:

  • Zoom app downloaded on any device. The class link will be sent when you register for class. Video ON/OFF is your choice always.

  • Wear whatever expresses you. Comfortable clothes are ideal. White clothing is optional: It expands your aura and you don't absorb extra energy from others. Headcovering is optional: It helps to consolidate your energy (most important for teachers). 

  • Yoga mat, meditation cushion for comfort, blanket for final relaxation, sheepskin for comfort (optional). 

  • Water bottle

  • Meditation tools recommended: crystals, sprays, essential oils. For your own crystals, check out Crystal Clear Pouches 

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! I'm offering you a 7- Day FREE Trial of all LIVE classes. You'll be able to experience for yourself the immediate shifts in the way you feel. If you decide Kundalini isn't for you, no worries, you won't be auto-enrolled. If you do love it, you can select your Class Bundle. I recommend the best deal I offer: Unlimited Monthly. 


If you'd like to experience Kundalini Yoga before registering for your free trial, I invite you to engage with my free content on YouTube. You'll find my videos here. Don't forget to subscribe to receive notifications for new videos posted!

Class Archive Portal COMING SOON! You'll be able to access unlimited class content to practice in between group classes and/or private sessions with me.



See you soon!

Sat Nam,


P.S. Your trial is 100% FREE, no strings attached.

What students are saying:

"I recommend Abby's class 1,000 percent.  As someone who has practiced meditation in various forms throughout the years, and have been searching far and wide for something that really helps transform the functioning of my nervous system, being in Abby's class has been like coming upon on oasis. She offers a loving  healing presence as she guides us to a place of peace and clarity through the kriyas.  I do them daily now, outside of class, and every time, I feel an immediate shift in energy and perspective that is amazing. So thankful for Abby and for her classes!"

"I love the energy you bring. It’s such lovely bright energy"

"I had full body tingles/chills during most of savasana! Felt like I cleared away a lot of stuff and felt a big heart opening sensation when you were singing. Thank YOU!"


"I need (your class) so badly! Seriously it’s done wonders for me!"

"I feel like I’m going to have a powerful day tomorrow."


"I really needed to breathe. That was great!" 


"I look forward to your class every week!"


"That was awesome!! I can’t wait to come back. I’m in love."


"I got a stock grant AND a promotion after doing the prosperity meditation with you! It was so cool! I had a deal with a customer, been working for 7 months it was the end of the quarter and it was due. It was the deciding factor if I’d get a bonus $10,000 or not. Everything was against us. After class, I had the intuition to reach out to CFO...And I got it!"

"I was feeling so stressed out caught in fight /flight all day . Feeling relaxed now so thank you so very much." 


"I’m so glad I was recommended this!"

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