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Custom Pouch

Custom Pouch


Customize your vibration. For a crystal pouch completely CURATED to you.


I will send you a few discovery questions. Your response is treated as confidential information and will only be seen by me. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.  I use my skillset as a Clinical Social Worker, my knowledge and intuitive abilities, and with time and consideration,  I develop a list of crystals to include in your pouch.


I travel to purchase these crystals, separate from my fulfillment trips for my line of pouches, to be able to give individualized focus on which crystals are meant for you. After I complete my usual cleansing process with mantra and sage smoke, I hand-write out the crystals and their properties for you to refer to as you implement them into your daily life. 


Your purchase includes email correspondence directly with me. I truly care about your healing, and I love to hear about your impressions, your stories of healing, and answering any questions you have.  As your journey unfolds, you may wish to upgrade to a new Custom Pouch, as your needs may change. Please indicate if it is an upgrade from your original pouch. 


All crystals are individually cleared with sacred sage smoke and bathed in high frequency mantra. If there is a specific mantra you'd like me infuse into your crystals (I use Kundalini mantra), please indicate in your response to the discovery questions. 



Peace + Good Vibes,


Your Custom Pouch includes 5 crystals and a FREE selenite wand. You'll also receive details about each crystal's healing properties.