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Private 1:1 work with Abigail
(virtual coaching sessions)

What clients are saying

"Abby, thank you so much for making me feel much better! I like to use our meditation: Sa Ta Na Ma and the positive affirmation "This is only temporary. I can do this! They make me feel calm!"

-Mimi (Adaptive Coaching)



"I did Abigail's Kundalini Coaching for a number of months. It was a unique therapeutic experience that gave me both practical coping/ emotional regulation skills and was nurturing in a way that felt deep and spiritual. Abby structured each session to align with where I was at that day.  I talked about how I was feeling that day, that week, and things I wanted to work on and we would practice the sadhana (daily practice made up of kriyas) that she put together specifically for me. In between sessions I would receive an email recap of what we discussed during our session, answers to questions i may have asked regarding the kriyas or whatever else. Each time I got one of these emails I was reminded of the compassion, attention, and intelligence, that goes into her work. It was there in the emails and it was there during our sessions. This is not someone who is phoning it in! For anyone who does this coaching with Abby, I am pretty certain you will feel that you are receiving a precious gift. Highly recommended!


-Alexandra (Kundalini Coaching)

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