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Student Praise

Testimonials & Reviews!

"I've always been too intimidated to try Kundalini, but you make it relatable and fun. It came to life and was authentic, honest, and uplifting!"

"I love the energy you bring! You give off such lovely and bright energy!" 

"You are a healer! I feel calm and nurtured when I'm in your space!"

"I was so intimidated and felt nervous about trying Kundalini. After your class, I felt so peaceful, and like I want to keep exploring this practice!"

"When you held the wind chime over my body, my hands began to tingle. I didn't want you to leave!"

"I had amazing visuals during shavasana when you played the gong and singing bowls with reiki energy!"

"You are unique, and truly powerful!"

"I always feel good when I leave your class!"

"I'm so upset my boss scheduled a weekly call during your class. It's a highlight of my week!"

"Phenomenal class!" 

"I found it challenging, which is good for me!"

"I’ve never done Kundalini before and now, I really want to come back."

"I feel rejuvenated and refreshed."

"I felt your energy!"

"Your voice is amazing. I love the way you played the gong. I’ve never heard it played like that. It was an amazing experience."

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