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"Everything I do has a measured, intentional consideration. I draw from my training as a clinical social worker and create healing experiences for my students and clients, steeped in authenticity and grounded in intention. During our time together, expect to be seen, heard, and embraced exactly as you are. My aim is to support you being even more YOU and hold the vision for your highest most fulfilled destiny"

Jot Amrita's background

Previously, I spent ten years practicing as a licensed clinical social worker, after earning my master's degree at Columbia University. Even though my clients experienced an improvement in their daily functioning, I still felt more shifts could be made by implementing tools to target emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I recognized the need for a blend of social and spiritual tools for people to live an empowered life.


As a result, upon moving to Austin, TX  I studied over 400 hours of meditation and yoga, Kundalini Yoga technologies and earned my Reiki master certification. I trained with Kundalini Masters at RaMa Institute in L.A. to earn my KRI certification.


received the spiritual name: Jot Amrita (Pronounced like the letter 'O' & the word 'it'), meaning: she who embodies Divine light, opening the heart to the nectar of Divine grace. It is my destiny to elevate and bring others joy, sweetness, comfort & radiance. 


My signature mentorships: Awakened Humaning and Spaceholders To Last are intentionally designed to amplify my client's soul gifts via more self-lovingkindness, to infuse each day with more magic, and to energetically support each day with yogic and spiritual tools. 

Kundalini Journey

My first exposure to Kundalini Yoga was during a workshop offered by Mastin Kipp while living in my home city, Boston. I was already experiencing symptoms of burnout as a young social worker in her 20's: exhaustion, high anxiety and depression.


This workshop had a guest teacher, who taught us a Kundalini kriya which involved keeping our arms up in the air for 11 minutes. It was challenging and confrontational, and I felt accomplished, incredibly energized, joyful, and free afterwards. I remember calling my then boyfriend (now husband) and excitedly tried to describe the ecstatic feeling I felt after the practice. This experience planted a seed for career pivot a few years down the road. 

Fast forward several years... during a life bottom where nothing was working and I was over-prescribed and unhappy, I rediscovered Kundalini Yoga living in Austin, TX. After taking several classes, I quickly started my first 40-day of Sat Kriya, which eventually turned into my first 1,000 practice (completed in June 2021). Along the way, I witnessed my life completely transform from the inside out.


I shed relationships, belief systems, and medication all together. This practice supported me in creating a stronger, centered baseline for my day-to-day.


My personal experience of deep healing and reclaimed freedom continue  fuel my passion for sharing this technology with you.

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