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"Everything I do has a measured, therapeutic consideration. I draw from my training as a clinical social worker and create healing experiences for my students and clients, steeped in authenticity and grounded in intention.

During our time together, expect to be seen, heard, and embraced exactly as you are."

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  • Adaptive Yoga & Skill Coaching Sessions
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4/19/21 Women's 40-Day Group Begins
4/30/21 Reiki + Sound Healing Workshop
5/12/21 New Moon Sound Activation
5/17/21 Mastering Sleep Workshop

"What began as a real challenge for me in opening my own wellness practice as a coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and sound healing practitioner just before covid hit, turned out to be a gift.  As a trained social worker (UVM BSW ’10; Columbia MSW ’11),  with particular clinical experience with those with Autism and related neurodiversity, I found myself wanting to do more for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When the pandemic hit, I necessarily transitioned from studio work to virtual teaching and was able to reach out to a wider network than my local Austin, Texas connections.


I noticed many of my social work friends and those in helping professions suffering burn-out. I then began to offer classes and services to them, virtually, to meet their growing needs. 


I also quickly noticed that adults with autism were becoming increasingly isolated as their programs and facilities shut down.  In trying to relieve the burden of this population and their families, I began to offer complementary, introductory classes through my company, Mockingbird Adaptive. One of my initial clients began to participate more than once a week and brought friends.  In addition to introducing simple, self-directed meditation practice, I offered self-regulation skills and integrated their personal breakthroughs into each session. Their enthusiasm, earnestness, progress and triumphs have provided me deep joy even during the pandemic." - Abigail Hunter Julia, UVM '10


As seen in @uvmcess: University of Vermont School of Education and Social Services

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