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by Jot Amrita 

Tools To Manifest Your Desires

  • Accelerate Your Results

  • Amplify Your Energy

  • Invigorate Your Creativity

  • Enhance Your Attraction To Wealth

  • Clear Your Worries

  • Invite Overall Well-being

Use Your Tools to...

Customize your vibration

Experience your highest vibration

What you are saying

"My favorite crystals are the ones Abigail hand-selected for me in the Prosperity Pouch. Since using them, my ideas have been OFF THE CHART!!!

"When it's on me, I can't fail!"

"Fellow crystal loving friends, check them out!"

"I use them during my manifestation visualization at night and journaling in the morning. LOVE THEM!"

"I am so grateful for your social work background, your thought, care, and intuition in selecting these crystals for me. You are such a gem." 



Expedite your manifestation

Wear daily in your pocket, bra, carry in your bag, place on your mat or hold as you meditate. You can also place them on your desk as you work or journal.


How to use your crystal pouches

For best results

Cleanse your crystals weekly with sage mist or smoke. You can also place them on your free Selenite Wand, under full moonlight or in direct sunlight for up to 24 hours. Or, soak them in salt water overnight. 

My process

I believe that each crystal is a unique teacher. That's why I am intentional with selecting, handling and caring for your crystals. Crystals are ethically sourced and purchased locally here in Austin, TX. I use sacred sage smoke to individually clear each crystal, one by one. During this process, I play high frequency mantra (Kundalini) as I chant aloud. This enhances the vibration and positive effects of your crystals. Finally, once the crystals are cleared, I consciously enclose your pouch with a prayer for your highest good. Pouches are thoughtfully wrapped in tissue paper and garnished love + lavender. I include a handwritten note and helpful pointers for using your pouch on my business card.

As You Receive Their Benefits...

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