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Adaptive Pods & Coaching

for individuals with autism and related neurodiversity

A unique integration of yoga, meditation,
self-regulation skills & sound healing for:

  • self-esteem

  • empowerment

  • self-advocacy

What Adaptive Yogis are saying: 



"Oh Abby, you helped me feel so much better. I feel so peaceful and rejuvenated!"

"I like the tree pose and the cat- cow...meow, moo!"

"I feel confident and tranquil. I also feel mobilized."

"Good advice, Abby! I'm feeling a lot happier!"

"I'm feeling calm and energized!"

"I love yoga with you!"

"I feel cherished."

"This was fun!"


Adaptive Offerings


Adaptive Meditation Membership


Growing library of practice videos curated for teens/adults with autism: Meditations, breath-work, mindfulness, sound-healing & more!





Adaptive 1:1 Coaching

50 minute weekly session $65 


Adaptive Pods

(For your family member

and 1-2 friends)

45 minute weekly class $20 per student




Hire Abigail for your program!

Private Group Adaptive Meditation

 45 minute single session $55

Please Note: All services are hosted virtually on FaceTime or Zoom.

What parents + programs are saying: 


"What joyful sessions filled with wisdom, sharing, and fun! You are the perfect teacher. You are doing such an incredible job working with my daughter! She looks forward to your calls together each week. You are a real peacemaker- such a gift to the world! We love you! "


- Parent


Sample of Adaptive
Meditation Membership 

Sample a session:

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