Mentorship with

Jot Amrita


Hi Spaceholder,

How's your energy today? Are you feeling disConnected, drained, heavy, uninspired or burned out?


Have you ever...

Contorted yourself to fit other people's expectations

Abandoned yourself saying "yes" when you mean "no"

Neglected your needs to keep the peace

Given when beyond empty

Known you needed to calm down or change your thinking but didn’t know how.

Carried the weight other people’s problems

Absorbed energy like cat hair on black pants

Ignored your intuition.

Felt restricted/limited in applying daily spiritual practices 


YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

In our work together, you'll discover your birthright of enjoyment, magic, deep replenishment in your sacred work in the world so that you KEEP SHARING YOUR GIFTS NOT AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. I'm here to intuitively support you every step of the way as you experience and apply yogic technology, energy healing + spiritual tools. As you do so, you'll quickly move past limiting beliefs and energetic stagnancy, heal from generational trauma and activate your destiny. You soon will find your life overflowing with synchronicities, creativity and fulfillment. You will feel better. You will feel even more LIKE YOU.

Here are a few ways to work with me and cultivate a daily experience that is SUSTAINABLE, GRACEFUL and DEEPLY FULFILLING.

With peace,

Jot Amrita

Spaceholders to Last:
An invitation for yoga teachers, therapists, coaches, healing practitioners, caregivers and all empaths on the spiritual path, who hold space for others...

To REMEMBER + EXPERIENCE your Connection to Spirit in (work) life, STAY TRUE to yourSelf, and CONSISTENTLY practice ENERGY BOUNDARIES, GROUNDING, and PROTECTION in your sacred service with your clients. Learn, experience + implement ENERGY HYGIENE, CHI REPLENISHMENT, + SELF-LOVING-KINDNESS with yogic and spiritual tools.



1-month Intensive

For those in need of a mind-body system reboot, this experience will help you get back on track. Your monthly intensive jumpstart your clarity and direction for how to feel more Connected, gain more energy, and establish foundational clearing + replenishment rituals. You'll receive my intuitive guidance and practical tools to implement into your life right away. 

3-month Spaceholders to Last (recurring)

My signature Spaceholders to Last Mentorship is a unique, private 1:1 replenishment experience. In our 8 sessions we will craft a blueprint for your energetic boost, Connection, and self-lovingkindness with yogic and spiritual tools. This powerful yogic technology will become your personal and professional strategy to optimize your gifts, and feel better while doing it. You'll remember your Connection with Spirit, stay true to youSelf with energetic sovereignty, boundaries, grounding, + protection.Your personalized Kundalini sadhana (practice) will complement your natural rhythms and give you the energy and direction needed to navigate your day.You'll receive meditations and practices to accelerate your healing and manifestation, while improving your relationship with yourself and others. I'll share my deep wisdom and extensive experience full of tools and tricks to adapt to your needs as your journey unfolds.

Reiki Energy Healing Treatment

Sometimes we need to show up and just BE and receive. Experience deep healing with Reiki In-Person or Distance Reiki. Reiki is universal energy, and it works with the body's natural healing process to balance and release energetic blockages. These blockages are what create stress, stagnancy, pain, and energetic misalignment. I facilitate the flow of Reiki energy to affected parts of the body which will charge them with positive energy. As a result, you'll feel a very deep sense of peace and calm restored to your mind, body, and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Group Classes

I teach weekly LIVEstream classes. Each class is an extension of my personal practice. Everything you do in a group gets multiplied. The bigger the group, the bigger the amplification of the meditation’s effects. We can change, heal and elevate ourselves faster in group consciousness. Experience this powerful yogic technology in community!