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Private Mentorship with

Jot Amrita


for the everyday human who desires to meet today's demands with more 


so you can experience more


without sacrificing your livelihood.



for the therapist,(yoga) teachers, healers, coaches, caregivers + all EMPATHS on the spiritual path looking to feel more ENERGIZED, PROTECTED, + have the SELF-PRESERVATION to hold space for others FOR THE DURATION.


You've been living every day like it's Groundhog's Day feeling blocked and uninspired and you wish to feel like you're stepping into technicolor bliss (like Dorothy in Munchkinland).


You want more INSPIRATION, COLOR + INTUITIVE DEPTH each day. You desire to have a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE (even) WHILE SCOOPING THE LITTER BOX (yes, everyday human tasks can be a doorway into deeper insight).


Weaving yogic, spiritual + self-lovingkindness rituals in your day-to-day to TRANSFORM old ways of being.


You're sensitive and attract other people's energy LIKE CAT HAIR ON BLACK PANTS.


You've been offering for some time now or are new to the game and want to avoid burnout and maintain a full cup. You want to REMEMBER + EXPERIENCE your Connection to Spirit in (work) life, STAY TRUE to yourSelf, and CONSISTENTLY practice ENERGY BOUNDARIES, GROUNDING, and PROTECTION in your sacred service with your clients.



Consistent accountability with POURING INTO YOU through ENERGY HYGIENE, CHI REPLENISHMENT, + SELF-LOVING-KINDNESS with yogic and spiritual tools.


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"I feel so safe in this environment you created. Thank you for offering this space to feel better. I felt like I was carrying heavy rocks before. During practice, I felt lighter and I felt connected...This practice is so important because…life is so stressful and we need a way to feel less pressure."                  - Alexandra


1-month Immersion

For those in need of a mind-body system reboot, this experience will jumpstart your daily life enjoyment. Your month immersion with me will gie you clarity and direction for how to feel more Connected, gain more energy, and establish foundational clearing + replenishment rituals. You'll receive my intuitive guidance and practical tools to implement into your life right away. 

3-month Mentorship(recurring)

We go DEEPER and to craft a blueprint for your energetic boost, Connection, and self-lovingkindness with yogic and spiritual tools. In our time together, we recognize our needs to LET and to DO: to receive and just be (Reiki Healing) and to self-initiate our transformation (by practicing Kundalini).We have more time and space to further your transformation in this intentional, sacred container.


Yogic technology (Kundalini Yoga and Meditation) will become your personal and professional strategy to optimize your natural gifts and complement your natural rhythms, giving you energy WHEN YOU NEED IT as you navigate each day. You'll weave spiritual practices in your day-to-day, learn/remember how to connect with your intuition, stay true to youSelf with energetic sovereignty, and infuse each day with more MAGIC.


Each session is entirely unique experience to support you being more YOU.


I'll HOLD THE VISION of your HIGHEST DESTINY, share my deep, intuitive wisdom and extensive experience full of tools and rituals to adapt to your needs as your journey unfolds.

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