About Abigail

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I am experienced guiding people of all ages & abilities to a higher operating frequency. 


Previously, I spent ten years practicing as a licensed clinical social worker, after earning my master's degree at Columbia University. Even though my clients experienced an improvement in his/her daily functioning, I still felt more shifts could be made by implementing tools to target emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I recognized the need for a blend of social and spiritual tools for people to live an empowered life.


As a result, I studied over 400 hours of meditation and yoga, Kundalini yoga technologies and earned my Reiki master certification. I trained with Kundalini Masters at RaMa Institute to earn my KRI certification and am currently developing my sound healing practices. In addition to teaching several public classes per week in Austin, TX, I work with clients individually, supporting their healing and self-directed meditation practice. I have particular expertise working with adults with Autism and related neurodiversity. 


Through a blend of spiritual coaching and counseling, along with introducing self-regulation skills and sound healing, my clients integrate their personal breakthroughs achieved in session and class, into daily lives, resulting in a consistent feeling of joy. 

About Mockingbird Adaptive

The more songs and sounds a mockingbird possesses, the better his chances are of attracting a mate and protecting his territory.


Similarly, the more tools and skills we have in our repertoire, the more adaptable we are to whatever life brings.

Mockingbird Adaptive combines social and spiritual tools to give community members, yoga students and private clients empowered lives. Community members find their unique sacred song, their voice, and learn to use it. This is accomplished through group class, our community discussions and individualized curriculum (for private clients taught during virtual sessions).


Mockingbird Adaptive members receive the benefits of being led by a certified yoga and meditation instructor and licensed social worker who blends the most effective tools and technologies to empowered lives. Everything I do has a measured, therapeutic consideration and grounded intention.

About Adaptive Classes

My work with individuals with autism:


Although I work with clients with all abilities and ages, I'm especially committed to offering support to adults with Autism. This population is my favorite to work with! I see a shortage in meaningful experiences and personal development when these individuals age out of funding grants and the system of supports. I aim to offer a way to continue to grow, develop skills, and learn how to self-advocate with his/her voice.

Before I moved to Austin, TX with my husband (and cat Nala) and after training at Columbia University, I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boston, MA. I spent 10 years of my career working with individuals with diverse needs, all ages and abilities. I trained in ABA, behavior management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and many more approaches to helpful work. Although I found meaningful and positive effects with the individuals and families I worked with, I still felt there was more I could learn and apply.


Inspired by my new experiences and skill set, I decided to get back into working with my favorite population: adults with special needs. 

What our work looks like together: 

Most of my Adaptive Clients are adults on the autism spectrum, although I do accept clients of all ages. I currently do video sessions, which allows me to reach you wherever you are. During our calls, we have space for grounding meditation, accessible kundalini practices, self-care skills development, basic yoga exercises, sound healing with my crystal bowls, gong and wind-chime, and space to explore my client’s unique perspective, interests, and personal goals. The skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-advocacy are able to be transferred into my clients' daily lives.


I’ve been described as “accessible, supportive, gifted, creative, and a loving teacher.” 


I would love to learn more about you and if my service and support can bring you or your adult child the emotional freedom you dream of. By working with me, you can expect to be seen, heard, and loved for exactly as you are. Together, we will develop a toolbox of self-care skills to draw upon, so you are better equipped to handle day to day life and grow towards a more actualized you.

About Crystal Clear Pouches

My Story:

As an Austin-based Kundalini teacher and yoga therapist, I began leveraging the power of crystal pouches to enhance my practice in 2018. I was tired of using medication to treat anxiety and depression symptoms related to PTSD, and decided to try an alternative solution. I started to put several crystals in my bra and in my pockets. I experienced a noticeable difference in my feelings of peace, grounding and calm. In order to not lose my crystals, I put them all in a pouch. Their combined energy, daily, along with my Kundalini Yoga practice, helped me to stay off of meditations, for good. My life has profoundly transformed with these tools. I created Crystal Clear Pouches so that I could share the crystals healing with others looking for an alternative, holistic approach to manage their symptoms.  

Crystal Benefits:

I've intuitively hand-selected each crystal and paired them with crystals I know will bring optimum results for each pouch's intention. I've had first-hand healing results with these crystal pairing as I've adopted them into my daily life and meditation practice. When you pair crystals together, their combined frequency works to balance your chakras and as a result, you experience powerful healing. Your elevated frequency allows you to have more immediate receptivity and you attract the results you hope to manifest, for your greatest good.


My Process:

To prepare your pouches, I cleanse each crystal with sacred sage while bathing them in high frequency healing sounds. I play kundalini mantra during this ritual, so your pouches are blessed, cleared, and ready to bring healing frequency to your life. I'm looking forward to hearing about the transformative effects you experience with your pouches!

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