"You have the right to alter your energy at any moment."
-Guru Jagat

"What began as a real challenge for me in opening my own wellness practice as a coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and sound healing practitioner just before covid hit, turned out to be a gift.  As a trained social worker (UVM BSW ’10; Columbia MSW ’11),  with particular clinical experience with those with Autism and related neurodiversity, I found myself wanting to do more for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When the pandemic hit, I necessarily transitioned from studio work to virtual teaching and was able to reach out to a wider network than my local Austin, Texas connections.


I noticed many of my social work friends and those in helping professions suffering burn-out. I then began to offer classes and services to them, virtually, to meet their growing needs. 


I also quickly noticed that adults with autism were becoming increasingly isolated as their programs and facilities shut down.  In trying to relieve the burden of this population and their families, I began to offer complementary, introductory classes through my company, Mockingbird Adaptive. One of my initial clients began to participate more than once a week and brought friends.  In addition to introducing simple, self-directed meditation practice, I offered self-regulation skills and integrated their personal breakthroughs into each session. Their enthusiasm, earnestness, progress and triumphs have provided me deep joy even during the pandemic." - Abigail Hunter Julia, UVM '10


Featured in @uvmcess: University of Vermont School of Education and Social Services